Save your time and efforts with automation

Cin7 Orderhive is helping 50% of eCommerce business merchants to increase their operational efficiency while cutting down the costs. It is super easy to set up any work-flow automation. You can easily generate invoices, create picking and packing lists, low-stock alerts, track and manage your inventory across multiple sales channels and much more using auto mode.

Smoothen your workflow by
integrating your favorite business apps

Cin7 Orderhive supports 500+ integrations with the popular apps like QuickBooks, Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, FedEx etc. You name and you’ll find it! That’s how easy we are making it for you to operate your business workflow - without any constraints. Integrating the app with Cin7 Orderhive helps in transferring all the relevant data like orders, stock counts, earnings etc automatically back and forth.

Centralized Inventory

Don’t waste any more time switching between platforms. Cin7 Orderhive provides a simple inventory control solution that lets you see your inventory levels across all your online stores, from one easy location. Any changes to stock are automatically updated across all your channels, so you’re always up to date.

Never run out of stock again

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve received an order but unable to fulfill it due to no stock? Cin7 Orderhive’s inventory management software gives you real-time oversight of your inventory across all sales the channels you deal with, so you can see at a glance how much stock you’ve used, how much is left, and what actions you can take. Never run out of stock again with Cin7 Orderhive.

All correct, all the time

Cin7 Orderhive gives you clear oversight of all your stock, orders, customers and suppliers. When a sale is made in any of your integrated stores, Cin7 Orderhive automatically updates the stock levels across all channels, meaning you avoid any mistakes made through manual entry, double handling, and plain old human error.

Track your business performance
in real-time

Optimize your business performance in real-time with all your inventory, orders, and customer data available through Cin7 Orderhive’s easy-to-use, attractive dashboard. You get analytics that are easy to understand, detailed reports that actually make sense, and all the data you need, when you need it, to make decisions that will see your business grow.

Grow your online business

Whether you receive a handful of orders, or even thousands of orders in a day, Cin7 Orderhive lets you process and ship multiple orders from one admin. You’re able to assign orders to different suppliers using our dropship management and eliminate any fulfillment hassles, leaving you with a smoother, simpler way to take more orders and grow your business.

Cin7 Orderhive Enterprise

As and when your business grows, you need a more robust and customized system to meet specific requirements. Cin7 Orderhive Enterprise is here to help. Cin7 Orderhive can be customized according to suit your business needs, with plans that suit your budget. No matter how big your business gets, Cin7 Orderhive is a simple, scalable platform that synchronizes all your business data into one centralized point, so you can concentrate on building the business you’ve always dreamed of.

Enquire for Enterprise

Everything into one simple dashboard

Safe and secure

We transfer and backup all your data using 256-bit SSL encryption, and run regular security vulnerability scans and tests, to make sure your data and your business is always secure.

Connect instantly

There’s nothing to download, Cin7 Orderhive is a cloud-based software application. All you need is an internet connection.

Change plans easily

You’re not tied into any long-term contracts, so you can upgrade and downgrade your plans so it suits your business needs.

360-degree support

We’ve made Cin7 Orderhive easy to use, but if you do need any help our experts are always available through chat, phone, and email, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’ve got your back when it comes to growing your business.

Easy to use

The Cin7 Orderhive dashboard is a simple, intuitive interface, that lets you navigate and use our system easily and efficiently. After all, if it wasn’t this easy, what would be the point?

Transparent pricing

Pay only for what you’ve used. We provide a usage meter where you can track your total usage and upgrade or downgrade your plan accordingly, so you’re always getting the best price and plan for your business needs.